Xbox Game Pass adds touch controls to 16 more games in August update

An Xbox Game Pass update adds touch controls to 16 more Cloud Gaming titles, including sports simulations, AAA RPGs and story-based indie games.

Xbox Game Pass allows subscribers to play hundreds of games ranging from new AAA releases to obscure indie titles for around the cost of a basic Netflix subscription. Games come and go from the service regularly, with several more Xbox and PC games coming to the platform this month. Additionally, subscribers to the more expensive $15 Game Pass Ultimate can also access Xbox Cloud Gaming, which lets users stream games to consoles, PCs, and even mobile devices.


Not all of the more than 350 Xbox Game Pass titles that support Xbox Cloud Gaming also support touch controls. However, more than 100 already do so, and that number has just increased by 16 since the last service update. These include a mix of old favorites, new releases, AAA blockbusters and creative indie artwork.

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Megan Spurr, Xbox Game Pass community manager, announced the new touchscreen games in a blog post on August 16. Among them is the critically acclaimed visual novel Coffee talk, which arrived on Game Pass today. It features players as a barista in a fictionalized version of Seattle, Washington, where they will interact with various characters, including fantastical creatures like elves and mermaids. Players can talk, listen to their issues, and generally get to know them while making their favorite caffeinated beverages.

Other new touchscreen games include BioWare RPGs Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. With a bit of luck, Dragon Age: Inquisition joining the list soon, in case anyone wants to play the complete trilogy on mobile while waiting for news on Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. These aren’t the only EA games to have touch controls either, with a 360-era skateboard game skate also joining the list. There is also the cartoonish but mechanically realistic appearance super mega baseball 3. Additionally, players can try Star Wars: Squadrons if they want to experience high-speed space battles on a touchscreen interface.

Speaking of speed, Hugecalf Studios Turbo golf course now also supports touchscreen controls. Released in August, the unusual arcade racing game has players launching oversized balls around elaborate courses while driving through them with various wacky cars. Meanwhile, more orthodox sports game fans can check out Matchpoint – Tennis Championships and baseball simulation MLB The Show 22.

Other games that now support the touchscreen include a third-person space combat simulation Chorus. There is also the indie action-adventure game Turnip Boy commits tax evasionretro fight TMNT Shredder’s Revengeand comic management simulation Two-point campus. Finally, the last two touch-enabled games are the kid-friendly titles. My friend Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol The Movie: Calls of Adventure City.

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