Xbox Cloud Gaming Adds Touch Controls to Hades and More

Xbox Cloud Gaming now lets you ditch the external controller and play directly on touchscreens with over 100 games

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now play over 100 games using touchscreen controls with the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta. From indie hits Hades, Celeste and Spiritfarer to RPGs like Wasteland and Fable, you can now play on your phone or tablet without an external controller.

In an email to gamers, Microsoft said it has “added touch controls for new releases and fan favorites including Scarlet Nexus, Hades, Psychonauts 2, Gears Tactics, etc.”

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“Play select high-quality games with Xbox touch controls on your Apple phones and tablets, Windows 10 PCs (and later), and Android phones and tablets.”

Hand drawn artwork for Hades

here is a full list of Xbox touch games, and the devices that will support them. Microsoft added that gamers could “adjust the on-screen control overlay and find the best fit for your hands and playing style,” which is a good accessibility feature to include.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta is a service that allows gamers to stream games they already have access to through Game Pass directly to their phones and other devices. As this is a streaming service, a fast and stable internet connection is required.

While the idea of ​​playing Yakuza: Like A Dragon on the toilet or in bed might seem like gaming profanity to some, it’s certainly interesting that you can now choose to play it that way.


Some games on the above list of touchscreen titles make a lot of sense, like Golf With Your Friends or The Walking Dead, even Hades is said to have great touch controls. Others, like Need For Speed: Heat and Dirt 5 may be more difficult to manage on a touchscreen, but it’s nice to have the ability to squeeze the smoke out of the tires with your fingers.

Xbox Game Pass continues to be fantastic value for people new to the game or who want to play next-gen titles but can’t get their hands on the ever-elusive PS5. Game Pass subscribers are around 21 million, but that number falls short of Microsoft’s ambitious targets.

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