VMware: Protect your application on VMware Tanzu with TrilioVault for Kubernetes

In today’s increasingly complex application environments, IT managers need reliable data management and disaster recovery solutions. TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) by Trilio, available on VMware Marketplace, is a data protection platform designed for cloud-native applications deployed in a Kubernetes environment. Together with VMware Tanzu, TVK provides a complete solution for backing up and restoring data and applications in hybrid cloud environments.

With TrilioVault for Kubernetes, Tanzu customers can:

  • Run a point-in-time backup and restore to restore application data and metadata

  • Quickly recover any Kubernetes application in the event of a disaster

  • Get comprehensive application protection and recoverability

Backup and Recovery

IT managers looking to backup and restore entire applications, including data, metadata, and any other Kubernetes objects associated with the application, can leverage TVK to protect and restore applications at any time. While Kubernetes supports tag-based, Helm-based, or operator-based application deployment strategies, TVK works regardless of how an application is deployed. This allows TVK to protect it anytime or using any of the aforementioned application types. Additionally, users can also backup and restore an entire namespace or multiple namespaces in a single backup operation through TVK’s management console.

Ransomware management and protection

As businesses grow and system administration teams need to manage multiple VMware Tanzu environments and data protection plans for their clusters, TVK’s management console allows users to monitor multiple TVK instances and VMware Tanzu clusters at from a single screen. TVK provides comprehensive ransomware protection using immutable backups, made using an object locking mechanism for the storage repository. Users also have the option to encrypt TVK backups with a Linux unified key configuration (LUKS) encryption format that uses an AES-256 encryption algorithm, so encrypted backups cannot be read or stolen. The TVK implementation includes encryption at rest and in flight.

How it works?

Rather than maintaining a separate CLI, TVK seamlessly integrates with the kubectl command, which enables deployment of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) directly out of the box. TVK is present as a helm package and can be installed with a one line command using Helm. Cloud-native apps running in TKG are automatically discovered by TVK along with their dependent resources.

Data plane:The data plane mainly contains the data transfer modules responsible for transferring data between the persistent volume and the target (backup medium). It uses persistent volumes using the CSI interface. TrilioVault supports data transfer from/to NFS or S3 compatible storage.

control aircraft:The control plane consists of various custom resource definitions (CRDs) and their controllers.

TrilioVault Operator: TVK comes with a bar-based operator managed by the TrilioVaultManager CRD, which supports the application lifecycle. TrilioVault Operator manages different aspects of the application, such as installation scope, version, namespace, etc.

Additional architectural components can be found in the TVK documentation.

TVK Validation on VMware Tanzu

Each new version of TVK is validated on VMware Tanzu and becomes available for deployment from VMware MarketplaceMT, VMware’s one-stop-shop for validated ecosystem solutions. As a Helm-based solution, TVK leverages VMware Marketplace’s powerful platform validation feature. In doing so, it automatically runs core platform and application level tests that validate deployability on VMware Tanzu in real time. Upon successful testing, the latest validated version of TVK is published on VMware Marketplace, displaying the VMware Tanzu Ready Partner badge. This gives customers confidence that the latest version of TVK will work on the latest version of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

Deploying TVK from VMware Marketplace

To deploy TVK from VMware Marketplace, customers must perform the following actions:

  1. Log in to VMware Marketplace.

  2. Search TrilioVault for Kubernetes or use the filter function to view all solutions validated as Partner Ready for VMware Tanzu.

  3. Once found, select TVK. Solution description and product features can be viewed here prior to deployment.

  4. Click on Deploy in the upper right corner.

  5. Customers are now prompted to select the desired version.

  6. The per-click End User License Agreement (EULA) must be accepted to continue.

  7. A downloaded Helm chart can now be manually added to the client’s repository.

  8. After deployment, customers can follow the instructions to install TrilioVault for Kubernetes.

Next steps

TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) is built by Trilio, a leader in data protection solutions for cloud-native applications. Use the following links to use or learn more about TVK:

  • Access the latest version of TrilioValut for Kubernetes and deploy it directly from VMware Marketplace to start backing up your modern applications today.

  • To learn more about Trilio and how to use TrilioVault for the Kubernetes management console to backup and restore your cloud-native applications using TVK, check out the Trilio overview video and TVK demo.

  • For assistance, customers can join the Trilio-K8s-Support Slack workspace or email [email protected]

  • To keep up to date with cutting-edge new features, follow Trilio on LinkedIn and @triliodata on Twitter.

For more information about VMware Marketplace, contact [email protected] or visit VMware Marketplace Web page to access additional resources. Browse VMware Marketplace catalog and stay up to date on the latest walkthrough highlights by following @vmwmarketplace on Twitter.