Vintage jewelry, talismans and sculptural pieces – inside Gucci Vault

Seb Brown, Mondo Mondo, Bernard James, Bleue Burnham, Charlotte Chesnais, Georgia Kemball, Martine Ali, Rebekah Kosonen Bide, Fraser Hamilton, Castro Smith, Tétier and Elie Top are the 12 designers selected by Alessandro Michele for the online concept store of Gucci, Vault which launched in September this year. It turns out that resale is an important subject for Maison Gucci. If Michele’s life in curious beautiful objects is anything to do, it’s a concept store filled with curiosities from around the world. And now, jewelry, just like that seen worn by the man behind the brand, is available for purchase in the online store.

Think of talismanic pieces, sculptural jewelry with a story to tell. Layered bracelets and rings to cover each finger. The store that started out as a resale platform and was called Vault for its importance in storing beautiful things, brings together the old and the new. Because what’s better than Gucci? Old Gucci.

With his magpie eye, the Creative Director selected vintage pieces from suppliers and auction houses around the world, reconditioned and in some cases personalized by Michele and his team. The jewelry designers chosen for the safe have crazy inspirations – from folklore and astronomy to art, poetry and historicism – these are jewelry for the modern woman with a heart set deep in wisdom. Ancient. Vogue chats with four of the handpicked designers who made it to the vault.