Vault City secures ‘sour beer’ partnership with Morrisons supermarket


Vault City raft brewers have signed a deal with supermarket chain Morrisons to stock its ‘sour beer’ product.

The partnership will mean Morrisons will stock two exclusive new ranges from the Edinburgh-based brewer in its 497 stores across the UK.

The new flavors – Black Fruits and Bellini Peach & Passion Fruit – have been created exclusively for the supermarket launch.

The deal is the latest major supermarket partnership for the company. The craft beer brand takes up space in more than 600 Tesco stores.

Steven Smith-Hay, co-founder of Vault City, said: “We are delighted to have our beers launched at Morrisons. This is an important milestone for Vault City and a great opportunity for us to continue bringing sour beer to new audiences.

“We wanted to create something that helps push the boundaries of what people generally expect from a beer.

“The Dark Fruit and Peach Passion Fruit Bellini are brand new beers that we have brewed exclusively for Morrison’s. It’s amazing to think that they will be on the shelves of all 497 stores.

Smith-Hay co-founded Vault City in 2018. According to the company, turnover topped £2m for the first time this year.

He has over 400 restaurant listings and recently raised over £40,000 from around 300 crowdfunding investors to fund the launch of a new pub, The Porty Vault, near his brewery in Portobello in Edinburgh.

It will serve as a sister house to its first The Wee Vault outlet in the city’s Haymarket area.