The story behind Vault 114

Vault 114 is often the second vault players will encounter in Fallout 4, as completing the level is required to progress through the main quest. Like all the vaults of the Fall series, this one has some background. Vault-Tec’s questionable experiments for Vault 114 are social in nature, and the entire Vault serves as a pressure test for a specific demographic.

Vault 114 can be accessed via Park Street Station and is the main location for the “Unlikely Valentine” quest. In Fallout 4, the place is overrun with Triggermen, but the pre-war terminal entrances are still accessible through consoles. These, along with the layout of the vault, paint a clear picture of how Vault-Tec was deceiving its potential vault dwellers.


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The luxurious promises of Vault 114

Interior of Vault 114 from Fallout 4

Vault 114 was presented as a luxurious place to live. As such, it would house Boston’s upper class citizens. This includes politicians, businessmen and other influential people, as well as their families. These would-be vault dwellers knew that their co-dwellers would have similar social status and therefore likely expected a lavish post-war shelter.

However, Vault-Tec never intended to deliver on those promises. In a final entry, management writes that the supposed luxury of the safe had been greatly exaggerated. In reality, they intended to bring together a group of privileged individuals in a common living space to see how they would fare. Exploring the interior of the vault shows that the rooms and amenities are furthest from luxury.

All rooms are shared, with bunk beds lined up against the walls. Additionally, there are only a few chests or drawers in each of the rooms, so Vault-Tec has also provided what appears to be a storage area for the vault dwellers. This storage room is also communal, with about ten lockers crammed into a relatively small room.

Even the bathrooms and toilets are shared. There are a total of four shower stalls and three toilets, and each is hidden only by a flimsy curtain. Finally, the dining hall is cafeteria-like, suggesting that Vault dwellers would not have their food brought to them and instead had to go downstairs to help themselves.

Overall, the living conditions in Vault 114 are quite livable, especially considering the Great War and its aftermath. However, for Boston’s elites who were promised luxury, it’s far from what they expected. These wealthy people were likely looking for personal rooms adorned with their own Miss Nanny and Mister Handy robots, as well as a variety of expensive amenities, like swimming pools or wine bars. Well, they were going to have a nasty surprise.

Interestingly enough, the supervisor’s office is one of the largest rooms in the facility. Perhaps this was done on purpose to further highlight the standard bog facilities provided to Boston’s wealthiest. Though it’s worth noting that even the Overseer of Vault 114 has been handpicked to further the underlying social experience of the Vault.

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Can Harry Soup Supervisor


Vault-Tec conducted numerous interviews with potential Overseers during the construction of Vault 114. One such interview was with Benjamin Beasley, who expressed his desire to create a council of Vault residents. if he was chosen for this role. He places a strong emphasis on democracy and government, hence his desire to form the said council. Unfortunately, he was not cast in the role. Another interview was conducted with Kimberly Weese, who bragged about her background in fictional government programs, student council, and her school’s debate team. She wasn’t cast in the role either.

After countless rejected applicants, Vault-Tec finally found who they were looking for on their 87th interview. It was done with a man named Soup Can Harry. This is probably not his real name, as he did not believe in the “rank and number” the government had given him. Harry said he distrusted the government because of its bureaucracy, bureaucracy and misuse of state taxes. He also seems to enjoy eating Abraxo cleanser.

Vault-Tec offered Harry the job on the spot. Although he does not give a direct answer, he informs the interviewer that he does not intend to wear a tie or pants for work. It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but awarding the supervisor job to what appears to be the least qualified man for the job was a deliberate move on Vault-Tec’s part. After all, an incompetent and rude Overseer would probably make things even more difficult for the Vault dwellers.

In the entrance to the management terminal, Vault-Tec staff write that they want “someone with no supervisory or government experience, and hopefully with a strong anti-authority bias.” They also ordered Vault-Tec personnel assigned to Vault 114 to refrain from going against the Overseer, even if it might cause emotional discomfort or physical altercations among the inhabitants. This was all done to create a stressful environment for Boston’s wealthy citizens to gauge their reactions.

Even Vault-Tec’s message to the Overseer leaves a lot to be desired. In it, they tell Harry he was chosen for his “natural qualities, decision-making abilities and unique personality”. Given that he’s a good leader by nature, he can simply rule the Vault however he sees fit – “go with your gut,” the post reads. It was a recipe for total disaster.

Vault 114 in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Vault 114 Mob Triggermen including Skinny Malone.

While the social experience in Vault 114 is certainly not something to be laughed at, it seems that the installation was never completed and the residents of Vault never did. In the pre-war section of Fallout 4the player can hear the TV presenter talking about the fact that there are still available slots for vaults 81, 111, and 114 – evidence that vault management was still looking for potential test subjects when the bombs fell.

Additionally, when the player enters Vault 114, the place is filled with tools and item crates, as well as unfinished vault sections. Finally, while there are messages addressed to Vault-Tec personnel and the chosen overseer, none of the terminals contain entries written by the inhabitants of the Vault. This suggests that the construction was never finished and the social experiment never started.

It would seem that Vault 114 never became a working vault, and whether that was for better or for worse cannot be certain. Still, it’s interesting to think about what would have happened to these Boston elites had they been handed over to Soup Can Harry. At least Skinny Malone and his henchmen were able to take advantage of the place.

Fallout 4 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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