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Roam owner Mario Sculatti said the remodeling and addition of a tasting room at his Calistoga antique store will look like the tasting room he designed for his wine storage business in Rutherford.

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Roam Antiques owner Mario Sculatti will be back in front of town with a revised proposal to add a tasting room to his antiques business on the west end of Lincoln Avenue.

Located on the outskirts of town, plans include redesigning the exterior of the building by reconfiguring windows and garage doors and repainting the 2,400 square foot building.

The planning committee will hear the proposal on January 27.

The project foresees that the retail aspect represents approximately 55% of the activity, with a wine tasting component. The new concept would be called VAULT Wine + Artifacts, serving Sculatti’s own wine brand. Visitors will also receive cold cuts on request, the staff report says.

Sculatti said he was working with architect Thomas Stimpert to create a white stucco facade with a green ivy climbing exterior, giving the building “a clean, modern aesthetic.”

“It will be more upscale,” he said. “This is the vibe I want up front.”

Additional fencing and landscaping would make the concrete area in front more attractive and add outdoor seating. The reuse permit does not require additional parking.

The commission first heard Sculatti’s proposal for the addition of a tasting room in June 2020. At that time, the commissioners rejected the request, citing Sculatti’s negligence to the property, including a broken awning, and uncertainty as to its “ability to follow plans.” “Nevertheless, the commissioners granted him an extension.

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