Such an application to keep files kept in the phone, which is difficult to identify, learn to download

Strong points

Only you can see the files on your smartphone, for this there is a special application.
This app looks exactly like a calculator and also works like a calculator.
There is also a Calculator app – Photo Vault, which is also a secret app that protects files.

New Delhi. There are often such files in our smartphone, which we want to protect from the eyes of others. These files can be in photo, video, PDF or any other format. In such a situation, if someone takes our smartphone, there is a fear in the mind that no one can see those files. Because, there are many photos-videos that do not want to be shared with anyone. So if you want only you to be able to see things from your smartphone, there are plenty of apps available for that.

As a smartphone user, you can overcome your fear with the help of an app called “Calculator”. It is such an application, inside which you can hide all your secret files. Since, this app looks like a calculator and also works like a calculator, in such situation no one will care that you keep this app secret. People will think it’s a calculator app.

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keep this app in your phone
On the Google Play Store, many apps hide secret files. But here you need a hard-to-identify app. We recommend installing Maxim Vasilkov’s Calculator Lock Hide App Photo on your device. It has been downloaded over 5 million times. It has been reviewed by more than 78,000 people. Its rating is 4.3 stars. It was last updated on August 1 of this month.

how to download it, you can download it. Apart from that, one such app is also from Fishing Net, whose name is Calculator – Photo Vault. It is also safe.

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