Steam Deck controls and processing impress developers ahead of launch

Developers who were able to get their hands on the Steam Deck before launch are once again praising the device for its controls and processing.

Valves steam bridge leaves developers impressed with its controls and processing ahead of its launch. The Steam Deck is set to officially release on February 25, with the first console batch shipping on February 28. The handheld console was originally slated to launch late last year, but was delayed due to a shortage of microprocessor chips. With only a few weeks to go before the new release date, the developers who were able to get their hands on the final Steam Deck before launch are once again praising the device.

In September, Valve sent out Steam Deck development kits to game developers who, in turn, shared a preview of the work they would do to get their games optimized for the console. The consensus of game developers who received the Steam Deck dev kits was one of the highest, and many developers noted that the games ran smoothly on the device. It was noted that games that are traditionally keyboard and mouse only would need controller support to work with the buttons on the console, but even those games could still be played using the Steam’s touchscreen. Deck. Some other titles would also require resolution and input adjustments, but would ultimately run on the device without major issues. Now that the final product will be released later this month, enthusiasm for the console is resurfacing.


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As reported by Gamer on PC, the developers confirm that the hype surrounding the Steam Deck is real. Several developers were surprised how easy it was to work with the device, even with the system running Linux and Proton compatibility layers on top of it. Also, some games like Valheim run seamlessly on the device without any modifications. Iron Gate programmer and designer Jonathan Smårs claimed that Valve’s Steam Deck specs, especially its graphics settings and processing, are impressive considering the console is a small, portable device. Raymond Doerr, the developer of Rise to ruins, said the controls, especially the mouse touchpad, might be the best he’s ever used. A few developers explained that their games needed a few small tweaks, but every issue was due to the game’s fault or something that could be easily changed.

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The only negative comment regarding the Steam Deck is that its operating system may have some issues on the development side. For example, some games didn’t detect the Steam Deck as a controller, and without a search function or collapsible list, the Steam library can be boring to browse. However, these issues will be less of a problem for gamers and more of a problem for developers. There are also concerns about the battery life of the Steam Deck, which is significantly less than that of the Nintendo Switch. Either way, many developers are confident that the Steam Deck will have a smooth launch in terms of software.

With such praise from the steam bridge from game developers, it’s likely that Valve’s new handheld console will represent a huge game-changer in PC gaming. Later this month, fans will be able to try out the console for themselves and see how it works.

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