Sonic Frontiers lets players customize how Sonic controls

At Summer Game Fest, attendees could play Sonic Frontiers, and it looks like the game offers more customization than fans thought.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s latest game had gamers talking throughout June as sound borders reveals gameplay details, combat mechanics and more throughout the month. As part of the Summer Game Fest, gamers got to experience the game for the first time at an in-person event in Los Angeles. Amid the first impressions found on the internet, other details about things like sound borders‘ control system are slowly revealed.

Sonic fans have been eager for news on Borders since the game was teased just over a year ago. Despite a promising trailer at The Game Awards, little was known about it until recently. While the first gameplay sequences of sound borders wasn’t well received by many gamers at first, first impressions from critics seem to be heading in a more positive direction.


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According to a clip from TheGamer’s Summer Game Fest, it looks like sound borders offers full customization on how Sonic controls in the new open area play. Eric Switzer writes that the game offers players “a dozen sliders” that adjust Sonic’s speed, acceleration, resistance, and turns, among other things. Switzer also indicates that these commands appear from the start of the demo.

While Switzer thinks there’s a chance these options won’t make it into the full game, everything else known about Borders suggests that might be the case. One of the earliest known details of Borders, albeit unofficially, was that it would feature a skill tree to enhance Sonic’s abilities. Having not only a skill tree but also sliders to adjust blue blur performance can make it easier to unlock and perform certain abilities throughout the adventure.

The preview piece on TheGamer indicates that it’s possible that these settings may be Sonic Team not quite sure what to do with Sonic’s control scheme in this title. This may be a likely story with the number of hedgehog titles that featured vastly different control schemes over the past few years, such as the change of Sound Generations at sonic lost world.

However, having complete control over how Sonic plays may actually be Sonic Team trying to figure out that the franchise has brought together many different fans over the years, giving them the power to make the title work exactly the way they want. . It’s no secret that many Sonic loyalists have different ideas of how the show should be, and this is perhaps the best way to ensure that almost everyone Sonic playstyles can shine in Borders. Players will have to wait for more information to see if this is really the case.

sound borders Set to release in Holiday 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: TheGamer