Software suite drives collaboration and speeds time to market

Software suite drives collaboration and speeds time to market

October 18, 2022

Rockwell Automation has launched a suite of five cloud-based software applications aimed at improving collaboration and productivity within automation design teams. The FactoryTalk Design Hub suite enables organizations to transform their design capabilities into simpler, more productive ways of working. Teams of all sizes, skills, and locations can strengthen collaboration, improve lifecycle management, and gain on-demand access to cloud-based software. The benefits are said to include more productive designs, faster time to market, and systems that cost less to build and maintain.

“In this new era of ‘work from anywhere’, having centralized, on-demand design tools is essential for companies to scale production and easily adapt to changing customer needs,” says Brian Shepherd, senior vice president for software and control at Rockwell. . “FactoryTalk Design Center gives manufacturing engineers access to the full range of Rockwell Automation tools and capabilities in a centralized link for successful design and collaboration within their team and the business as a whole.

The hub adheres to the latest security standards and IT best practices. It enables teams to access designs from any web browser using always-up-to-date software, and scales users and computing capacity to meet project workloads.

According to Rockwell, traditional software limits collaboration, scalability and productivity. FactoryTalk Design Hub addresses these concerns.

The five main applications of the hub are:
FactoryTalk Design Studio: New cloud-native software to improve system design efficiency. Available through a web browser, it avoids downloads, installations or maintenance. It saves time by using modern software practices and version control. Teams can share and merge changes, and project sizes can scale dynamically. Multiple controllers can be supported in a project.
FactoryTalk Optix: This cloud-enabled HMI product enables users to design, test and deploy applications through web browsers. Optional cloud-based connections support collaborative workflows that allow editing from anywhere, anytime.
Studio Twin FactoryTalk: This allows users to design, program, simulate, emulate and commission virtually in a single cloud environment. Users can develop projects better and faster, collaborating with their teammates in real time.
FactoryTalk Vault: This provides secure cloud-based storage for design teams. With its modern version and access control, it improves understanding of designs by analyzing control projects. Teams can spend more time working on projects and less time searching for files or working from outdated versions.
FactoryTalk Remote Access: This provides secure connections to equipment, allowing teams to react faster and resolve production issues. It connects domain experts to critical issues, wherever they are, accelerating support response times and reducing travel and downtime costs.

Rockwell Automation says its cloud-based FactoryTalk Design Hub suite will result in more productive designs and faster time to market.

FactoryTalk Design Hub and its components will be available in early 2023.

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