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PORTLAND, Ore., December 9, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – SkyPoint Cloud (SkyPoint), the premier customer data and AI platform that enables consumer, financial services and healthcare brands to build closer relationships with their customers, announced today the launch of SkyPoint Vault, a safe data privacy solution that allows users to isolate, encrypt, govern and mine sensitive data, including PII, PCI and health records . The company’s latest customer, Q5ID, Inc., uses SkyPoint’s Vault technology to quickly locate missing persons using their new Guardian app.

SkyPoint Vault provides innovative data security solutions including deidentification and homomorphic encryption, data breach prevention, tokenization, data masking and differential redaction. Together, these technologies promise the security of sensitive customer data while enabling businesses to extract the data that can help inform important business decisions.

“Data privacy is a human right and customers want to trust the businesses they frequent to stay in compliance and protect their data from bad actors,” said Tisson Mathieu, CEO and Founder of SkyPoint. “SkyPoint Vault is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution that isolates and secures sensitive data in a zero-trust vault that integrates with your applications with a simple API or SQL. “

In addition to core security features, SkyPoint Vault is Common Data Model (CDM) compliant and supports integration with Microsoft Power Platform, allowing anyone, not just software developers, to build and run applications, workflows and more using sensitive data. SkyPoint Vault facilitates data protection and allows applications to run efficiently without having to store sensitive data, such as Protected Health Information (PHI) in its databases.

“It is important to enable businesses to gain insight into their customer data in order to improve the overall experience and customer confidence,” said Joelle Poé, Chief Product Officer at SkyPoint, “SkyPoint Vault controls who can access specific data points, allowing brands to gain insight into what their customers want, while providing the privacy and security customers need. “

SkyPoint’s client, Q5ID, Inc., provides an app to help find missing children, seniors and people with special needs when they are believed to be missing. The company uses SkyPoint Vault to protect sensitive customer data and comply with privacy laws while providing real-time user-initiated alerts to bring communities together and find missing people.

“With SkyPoint Vault, we are able to ensure that the personal information of our users and the information of their missing loved one is protected, and to control when and what information we share in the event of disappearance,” said Steve larson, CEO of Q5ID, Inc. “We are passionate about this app, and with the integration of SkyPoint Vault we were able to run our app a third of the time and cost and start building our community sooner.”

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SkyPoint Cloud ( is a Customer Data Platform (CDP), zero-trust data privacy vault, privacy compliance automation, analytics and solution for ‘AI for customer-centric brands in multiple industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality and financial services. SkyPoint’s platform empowers organizations to take control of their customer data, deliver unmatched customer experiences and build brand loyalty. Industry leaders and over 6 million end users currently use SkyPoint. SkyPoint Cloud received The Development Stage Award at the 2021 Oregon Entrepreneur Network Annual Awards.

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