Skyflow Announces Secure Data Workflows and Custom Code for Data Privacy Vault

PALO ALTO, Calif.–()–Today, Skyflowthe data privacy vault company, announced a new feature that allows customers to run secure workflows on sensitive customer data.

Skyflow Data Privacy Vault is the new standard for protecting, securing, and governing sensitive customer data, including PII, PCI, and PHI. With Skyflow, customers can isolate sensitive customer data in a zero-trust vault, based on a unique polymorphic encryption and tokenization engine.

Protecting and leveraging sensitive data becomes more complex as you navigate a fragmented data residency landscape. Global enterprises across all industries rely on Skyflow to meet data residency requirements, such as GDPR, LGPD and others.

Run custom code and data workflows on sensitive data

IBM is using this new Skyflow capability to automate workflows to identify and remove PHI from clinical data. This allows them to process and use sensitive data while reducing the scope of compliance within their systems and protecting critical patient information.

Karl Wehden, Accelerated Discovery Product Director at IBM, said, “We are transforming healthcare here at IBM with data, AI and even quantum computing. This requires the highest level of trust from customers. Being able to maintain the confidentiality and security of sensitive clinical data is essential to doing this right.

Skyflow provides a secure and compliant environment for sensitive data workflows such as data processing and anonymization. Developers can train ML models on PII or anonymized datasets to gain better insights, and run custom logic for any data transformation, all without compromising privacy.

Additionally, Skyflow customers now enjoy greater control over data shared with third parties. Sensitive data can be tokenized, detokenized or transformed quickly to enable secure data flows between two internal systems or with external services such as Plaid, Visa and DocuSign.

“We chose Skyflow to isolate and secure PCI in the vault to reduce our overall compliance scope and be payment processor independent,” said Tushar Vaish, Co-Founder and CTO, Spinwheel. spinning wheel offers a debt API that makes it easy to integrate consumer loan, payment, and financing data directly into an application or product. “Our architecture’s data privacy vault allows us to isolate sensitive data from the point of collection and radically simplifies our security, privacy and compliance requirements.”

Skyflow is designed to be developer-first and enterprise-ready, so any organization, regardless of size or vertical, can intentionally build world-class data privacy into its architecture.

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About Skyflow

Founded in 2019, Skyflow is a data privacy safe for sensitive data. We wanted to radically transform the way companies manage their users’ financial, medical and other personal data, the data that powers the digital economy. Inspired by the data vaults that leaders like Apple and Netflix have built to manage customer data, our vision was to provide the same type of data privacy vault as a simple and elegant API, something that any developer could easily integrate into their application, the same way they use Stripe, Twilio or Okta. Skyflow is based in Palo Alto, CA with offices in Bangalore, India. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.