Rainmaker Games Raises $ 6.5 Million With Support From CoinFund, Polygon, Alameda Research, Merit Circle, Animoca Brands And More | News


AUSTIN, Texas, December 9, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Rainmaker Games Announces Completion of First Round of Seed Funding, Raising a Total of $ 6.5 million notable investors such as CoinFund, Polygon Studios, Alameda Research, Republic Realm, Skyvision Capital, Animoca Brands, Merit Circle, etc. This successful fundraising paves the way for Rainmaker to establish itself as the leader in the gaming space to win, which represents billions in annual revenue.

“We are thrilled to support Rainmaker as they make their innovative vision of the blockchain gaming space a reality,” said Evan feng, research director at CoinFund. “By creating a platform that serves gamers, guilds and developers, Rainmaker has a concept for the future of gaming that redefines what is possible.”

Rainmaker Games is a global platform that houses the Play-to-Earn (P2E) blockchain gaming ecosystem. They provide players with free access to seamlessly play hundreds of P2E games, explore in-game content, get coaching from the world’s best players, connect with Rainmakers around the world, and gain access to a loan and marketplace. innovative NFT loan. Rainmaker Games is the bridge between players and guilds with their new player verification system, relieving a huge industry problem for guilds trying to control thousands of players on their own. Now, Rainmakers can level up and get Guild Verification, unlocking access to the first glimpse of top guilds around the world.

NFTs are emerging as the backbone of the blockchain gaming economy, as many games require players to hold high-value NFTs in order to engage in gaming worlds. However, given that many of these NFTs are prohibitively expensive, thousands of potential users are prevented from participating in the P2E space. This is particularly problematic for players in developing economies, where a day of gaming can earn a player much more than a living wage, and where P2E platforms are one of the fastest growing employment segments. faster.

“Our mission is to unlock financial freedom for the world, allowing players to play, win, learn and connect like never before. We want to break down the barrier of entry for those who cannot afford the NFTs needed to participate in the world’s most popular P2E games, “shared Will deane, CEO of Rainmaker Games. “At the same time, we see the opportunity to serve as a platform to help guilds find the best players. Having the largest player data platform in the world, we are a guild’s best friend. They can access our player database with global rankings, winnings data, location, and more. We’re building the biggest, most comprehensive gaming platform on the planet, and we’re just getting started. “

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About Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games is the free global platform for playing hundreds of P2E games – connecting players, games, and guilds from all over the world. The platform allows gamers to seamlessly switch between games, learn how to play, manage their income, chat and gain exclusive access to the NFT Vault, allowing gamers of all skill levels to grow and earn money from their game. Players can start as entry-level players and level up to play with better NFTs, as well as get Rainmaker Guild Verified – unlocking the access to the first glimpse of the best guilds from around the world. Rainmaker is the platform where the world plays to win, giving players around the world free access to the P2E ecosystem.

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