Quick loans and bank account through online financial

One of the aspects that less importance give people in the processing of quick loans is with the subject of the bank account.

Being in our opinion in Creditosrapidoseuros an important error.

It is because many times the financiers that offer these credits end up rejecting funding files for mistakes committed here.

Quick loans and mistakes made when using bank accounts in someone else’s name

It is the most repeated of all and can be understood because financial companies reject applications.

If you process a loan what you can not / should do is put a bank account which is in the name of another person.

You should not do it among other things because the financial in these situations always denies the request.

It does not matter if you are a solvent client, if you do it you will end up with the denied request.

The financiers do it this way because it is one of the ways they have to avoid identity theft.

If they accept to deposit the money in bank accounts in the name of another person, these cases could occur frequently.

Carrying out this procedure, on the contrary, the financial one will not allow this to happen, among other things, because it will not be possible.

To be able to obtain the money and the financial one to enter them you must put a bank account of which you are the owner.

But only the owner at least you have to be a co-owner of the bank account, other things being impossible.

If Manuel Gutiérrez asks for a loan and puts a bank account in the name of one Pablo Martínez, the financial company will deny it.

Even if the loan is viable and you can even approve the loan, you will never receive the money.

It will only do so in the event that the bank account in which the money is entered is owned by Manuel Gutiérrez.

You can be the sole holder or as co-owner being something completely indifferent in most financial online .

The second of the errors that we frequently see with the issue of bank accounts is that of putting accounts without movements.

If you put as a regular bank account one that you just opened that has no movements or has recently the same thing will happen to you.

Many financial companies have begun to use this tactic when rejecting their clients’ requests.

They do it because they know that there are people who put bank accounts without movements in case they do not return the credit.

To this we must add that putting a new bank account is denying that the financial can see your usual banking movements.

There are people who open a new bank account with the sole objective of showing an ideal financial situation when maybe the real one is in the red.

It is something that we have seen frequently being something that financial companies also value.

That is why many times just because of the age of the bank account the financial company can end up rejecting the credit.

The ideal here is to provide a bank account that has the longest possible antiquity and where your real income and expenses are reflected.

Not only do you get this not deny you funding for errors such as the comment but also show your real financial situation.

Something in our opinion necessary when you want to sign a loan.

This is what we can tell you about the importance of bank accounts in the processing of quick loans