Police parade “Offering Vault Thief” in Ekiti

Ekiti State Police Command paraded a 32-year-old man, Akindele Opeyemi Olufemi, who was arrested at a ‘stop and search point’ of the Command’s Safer Highways.

He was on a motorbike and had a bag on him. He initially rebuffed any attempt to search his bag, but was later subdued by police.

After a thorough search, a different denomination of Nigerian currency was found in his possession.

He could not give a clear explanation of how the money arrived, but after further questioning it was discovered that the suspect had stolen the money from Christ Apostolic Church Campground in Ikeji, Ara-Ikeji, Osun State, and was intercepted. by the men of the Ekiti State Police Command as he traveled to the state.


He confessed to committing the crime, as he said he served in the Church for two years as a security guard and quit earlier this year, so he returned to the campground under the guise of a “personal prayer all night” and walked to the church offering the safe and took the money.

The money counted was six hundred thousand one hundred and fifteen naira (600,115 naira)

He will be brought to justice, alongside other criminals who have been apprehended by the State Police Command