OpenVault secures a strategic investment |

October 4, 2021

OpenVault, a source of SaaS network improvement and revenue solutions and data-driven insights for the broadband industry, has announced a strategic fundraising event intended to fuel the next stage of the company’s growth. business.

OpenVault has secured significant funding from three existing customers – Service Electric Cablevision, Service Electric Cable TV & Communications and Blue Ridge Communications. The money is intended to help accelerate the growth of OpenVault both nationally and internationally, particularly in Europe and Latin America.

“Service Electric and Blue Ridge companies share a vision of the connected future and their collaborative approach to working with technology companies helps drive innovation that drives the broadband industry forward,” said Mark Trudeau, CEO and co-founder of OpenVault. “Their investment will bring a new dimension to our long-term partnership, and we are delighted to use the funds to expand our reach and accelerate our growth. “

“As broadband has grown in importance, companies like OpenVault have played a critical role in delivering high quality services,” said David Masenheimer, president of Blue Ridge Communications and Pencor Services, Inc. “By investing directly in OpenVault, we can be financial catalysts for their growth, while providing them with strategic advice that can help them align product technology development with industry needs.

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