Product Innovation Unlocks Up to 40% More Capacity in DOCSIS® 3.1 Networks

Louisville, CO and Jersey City, NJ, July 12 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kyrio®, a subsidiary of CableLabs® specializing in software and test solutions for the global broadband industry, and OpenVault, a source of revenue and solutions for managing broadband and data-driven insights for the broadband industry, today announced that OpenVault is the first official member of the Kyrio PMA Partner Program for the development and deployment of Profile Management Application (PMA) ).

The PMA concept was developed by CableLabs to take advantage of the programmable PHY layer to increase usable capacity in DOCSIS® 3.1 networks. The goal of PMA is to optimize the amount of data that can be transferred over a channel in a given amount of time based on actual plant conditions. The Kyrio PMA Partner Program provides OpenVault’s research and development team with access to Kyrio’s specific CMTS profile translator libraries, DOCSIS lab test environment, and subject matter expertise.

As the first member of the Kyrio PMA Partner Program, OpenVault has worked closely with Kyrio to accelerate PMA adoption by resolving integration and testing issues. OpenVault’s Capacity Booster product uses closed-loop automation to continuously monitor every channel and modem on the network. OpenVault notes that its Capacity Booster innovation frees up to 40% more capacity.

“PMA’s promise is increased capacity and reliability, especially for DOCSIS 3.1 networks that are the workhorses of the cable industry,” said Mario Di Dio, vice president of network software and technology. for Kyrio. “By partnering with companies such as OpenVault, Kyrio is rapidly advancing the feasibility of PMA solutions and accelerating its availability to broadband operators worldwide.”

“Initial operator demand for Capacity Booster trials demonstrated the incredible value of PMA in deferring the near-term need for node splits, reducing CapEx, and minimizing the impact of supply chain bottlenecks. ‘provisioning,” said Joe Lancaster, chief strategy officer of OpenVault. “We look forward to our continued partnership with Kyrio as we maximize the value of PMA to the industry.”

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