New Vault Comics Nightfall series in 2022


Chris Shehan, Skylar Patridge, Daniel Kraus, Tim Daniel and david andryalready creators of Vault Comics’ titles Autumn, resonant and The parcelhave a new comic project together called Nightfall.

New Vault Comics Nightfall series in 2022

It is part of a series of new projects that Vault Comics has announced for 2022. Including a new comic by Cullen Bunn.

Vault Comics Teases New Cullen Bunn Comic For 2022

Cullen Bunn is best known for his work on X-Men, Defenders, Captain America, Moon Knight, Wolverine, Venom, Conan, Draz, Micronauts, Asgardians Of The Galaxy, Monsters Unleashed, Magneto, Battle Scars and dead Pool for Marvel ComicsSinestro, Earth 2, Aquaman and Lobo for DC Comics, its creator-owned series The Damned, Hellbreak, Shadow Roads, Helheim, Terrible Lizard, Blood Feud and The Sixth Cannon at Oni Press, Night Trap at the Forge of the Lion, Bone Parish, The Unsound, Basil and The empty man at Boom Studios, County of Harrow at Dark Horse Comics, Regression and unearth at Image Comics, dark ark at AfterShock as well as his horror novel Twisted hills. And now something new from Vault Comics. Here’s what else they teased.

Vault Comics Teases Son M's New COMic in 2022

Son M is an Algerian comic book author, screenwriter, narrator and novelist, with Thief of the Heights an original YA graphic novel by Harper Collins released this year featuring Robin Yao as good as animal heads at Tapas, and Bone marrow and other tunnels to go through. And now has a new comic coming in 2022 from Vault Comics. Here are a few more, including a new series of Christophe Sebela and Ben Hennessy.

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Christophe Sebela is best known for writing the likes of Injustice, Ground Zero, Evolution, Escape from New York, High Crimes, Dead Letters, Bonded, Ghost, Welcome Back, Demonic, Agent 47, Pantomime, Screamland, Captain Marvel, Heartthrob, Blue Beetle, Kiss/Vampirella, Heartthrob, Cold War , Short Order Crooks, Shanghai Red, House Amok, test, Aliens Vs Predator, Dirtbag Rapture, Detective Comics, Fantastic Four and Harley Quinn. Ben Hennessy is a writer and animator associated with Longstone Comics. He is also co-founder and one of the directors of Pegbar.

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A new title of Brenden Fletcher and another book John Lee and Georges Kambadais. Brenden Fletcher is best known for his work on Batgirl, Gotham Academy, Wednesday Comics, Black Canary, Motor Crush, Isola, Robotech, Power Rangers and X Men.

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John Lee is best known for his work on Sink, The Standard, then Emily was gone, Mountainhead, Oxymoron and Hotel. And Georges Kambadais is best known for his work on Firefly, The Double Life of Miranda Turner, Dark Lily, Short Order Crooks, Black Ghost, I Can Sell You A Body, Mic and Grave lilies.

Dennis Hopeless and Víctor Ibáñez have a new Vault comic for 2022

Including a new title of Hopeless Dennis and Victor Ibanez. Dennis Hopeless is best known for… well, a lot. WWE, All New X-Men, Cable & X-Force, Avengers Arena, Spider-Woman, Jean Grey, Sea Of Stars, Avengers Undercover, XO Manowar, Cloak & Dagger, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Inferno, Star Wars: Vader , Cosmic Ghost Rider, Gearhead, Spider-Man…will it do? While Víctor Ibáñez is best known for Extraordinary X-Men, Storm, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Contest of Champions – and with Dennis Hopeless on John Grey.

Zack Kaplan and John Pearson have a new Vault comic for 2022

A new series of Zack Kaplan and John Pearson. Zack Kaplan is best known for his science fiction comics such as Eclipse, Port of Earth, Explorers of the Lost City and Join the futurewhile John Pearson is best known for his horror comics, Razor blades, department of truth and beast cart.

Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden Vault Comics

Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden are the creators of the comic Barbaric from Vault Comics, leading the Free Comic Book Day 2022 offerings in May. But it looks like they might also have something new from Vault Comics for 2022. Could it be the Barbaric spinoffs they previously talked about?

Vault Comics teases two for 2022
Vault Comics teases two new releases for 2022

Tim Seeley, Aaron Campbell and Jim Terry Named Creators… Well, that’s easy. west of sunset as featured on Bleeding Cool a few weeks ago as part of the March 2022 Vault Solicitations and Solicitations.

A beautiful vampire must flee from the monster slayers in New York and reclaim the ancestral soil that restores her undead flesh. But the world has changed since being reborn in the New Mexico desert, and now Constance der Abend and her trusty assistant Dooley must adjust to life in the harsh frontier town of Sangre de Moro, where all manner of monsters have swarmed. installed.
A western survival tale featuring a cast of literary horrors from the evil minds of Tim Seeley, Aaron Campbell and Jim Terry.
In store: March 23, 2022
MSRP: 3.99

But the second of Brian Schirmer and Elena Gogou?

Vault Comics teases two for 2022
Vault Comics teases two new releases for 2022

This is the separate quest.

(F) Brian Schirmer (Acting / CA) Elena Gogou
A skeleton, an apprentice mage and an exiled princess walk into a bar… for another shift at Quests Aside, the local watering hole run by the once-legendary and now retired adventurer Barrow. When the King privately explains that he plans to close the place, Barrow must find a way to keep his business and the family he has built around it. It’s always sunny in the kingdoms! In Stores: Apr 27, 2022 RRP: $4.99

Brian Schirmer is best known for writing Fair Lady, Black Jack Ketchum and Ultrasylvania. He tweeted last month “Just got an amazing call about a new series to be announced – take a deep breath – next month! As things kick into high gear for yours truly,” Elena posted supportive gifs in response . Elena Gougu is a comic artist known for her work in the Greek comic industry.including the recent graphic novel Spazorahoula written by Steve Stivaktis by Jenna Press. Look for more in the days to come.

Vault Comics is a private family business based in Missoula, Montana, founded by brothers Damian and Adrian Wassel, and their friend Nathan Gooden.

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