MillionaireAsia Launches Private Vault, Exclusive Lifestyle App for HNWIs


There really is an app for everything these days.

From hotel booking apps to apps that help you find (read: try to find) love, there’s really nothing you can’t do these days from your phone.

Enter Private Vault: an exclusive mobile application launched by the multi-channel multimedia platform MillionaireAsia. Its goal? Provide users with access to a treasure trove of luxury goods and unique VIP services.

“Reports predict that by 2021, mobile e-commerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total e-commerce sales. HNWIs can be cash rich but are short on time. They want good choices, great options, great deals, quick response and convenience at your fingertips, ”shares Brian Yim, Group Editor and Editor-in-Chief of MillionaireAsia.

He explained, “MillionaireAsia’s Private Vault is designed as a great app and a mobile business and lifestyle hub that offers all of this and more.”

From planning their next getaway and luxury goods to finding potential investors for a business venture, Private Vault offers a whole range of products and services tailored to its users.

Under The Luxury Closet feature, users will be able to access a plethora of designer bags, jewelry, watches, artwork and collectibles at discounted rates, while Travel In Style is a service VIP which allows users to book a private jet, supercar or yacht of their choice with the click of a button.

Private safe

Are you looking for partners for your new business? Visit Pitch Your Project, a feature designed to connect you with high net worth individuals (HWNIs) and investors within MillionaireAsia’s vast network of 130,000 accredited investors in 15 countries. In addition to business listings, Private Vault also offers introductory services to prequalified and paid investors.

Other notable features of the app include executive protection services to ensure your personal safety across Asia, as well as bulk purchases of personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID rapid test kits. -19 during this difficult time.

MillionaireAsia’s Private Vault app is now available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information on MillionaireAsia’s Private Vault, visit their website here.

(Hero and featured image credit: nikldn via Unsplah, all other images credited to Private Vault)


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