Metallica Announces Mysterious “Black Box” Time Capsule Vault

Metallica has announced a mysterious time capsule vault dubbed the “Black Box.”

The group revealed the new venture in a press release. It looks like the “Black Box” will be a kind of Metallica museum, presenting historical content of the band’s career ranging from “virtual to physical”.

“James, Lars, Kirk and Robert will ‘unpack’ their collections, removing their favorite, most significant and significant artifacts from careful storage,” the press release said. “Much more than a ‘gateway’ to all things Metallica, The Metallica Black Box, in collaboration with Inveniem and Definitive Authentic, will provide access to the memories and experiences of the band members themselves, as it carries those who enter. in virtually every realm imaginable, time and place along Metallica’s historical continuum.

At first glance, it looks like Metallica is launching a virtual reality platform, although the press release clarifies that the virtual and physical content will include “weekly live events” and “extremely limited signed memorabilia”.

The Black Box will launch with “The Black Album Exhibition”, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic self-titled album. No further information was given, although we suspect that the personal records of each member of the group will yield some intriguing and never-before-seen artifacts.

“In the weeks, months and years to come, The Metallica Black Box will gradually venture deeper into the coffers of Metallica,” the press release concludes. “Its unhindered access will be manifested in exhibits and collections of rare and ephemeral artifacts, never before seen or heard of video / audio, and more – all dedicated to different facets of the Metallica experience.”

Stay tuned for more information on the Metallica Black Box as it becomes available.

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