Lucid Software Enhances Application Portfolios with ServiceNow

Lucid Software integrates with ServiceNow to allow users to automatically generate Lucidchart diagrams from their ServiceNow APM data.

Based on Lucid’s newly expanded API, the integration aims to simplify and accelerate the visualization and understanding of dependencies, redundancies, and optimization opportunities across an entire application portfolio.

The integration combines the capabilities of Lucidchart, Lucid’s intelligent diagramming platform, with the ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM) offering.

“We’re excited about the new capabilities our extended API offers our integration partners to help them build and deliver powerful solutions to their customers,” said Dan Lawyer, Chief Product Officer, Lucid.

“In today’s hyper-digital workplace, teams need solutions that reduce complexity and work where they work. This new integration with ServiceNow will bring visual collaboration directly into our common users’ existing workflows. , enabling them to achieve alignment faster and accelerate innovation and productivity.”

With Lucid’s data-driven visuals and advanced customization, Lucidchart’s dynamic diagrams allow architects to quickly visualize the current and potential future states of their application portfolios.

Additionally, the integration will allow users to develop a stronger understanding of how different apps work together, which will simplify app and subscription management and effectively communicate app management strategy to teams and stakeholders.

The integration between Lucidchart and ServiceNow builds on the existing wide range of integrations available in the Lucid visual collaboration suite, bringing the power of visuals to teams’ daily workflows.

The integration is now available in the ServiceNow Store.

This integration with Lucid Software comes after ServiceNow announced other solutions in the Now Platform Tokyo release designed to improve operational intelligence and trust.

In addition to ServiceNow Vault, ServiceNow is launching new AI-powered features and development and risk management tools to help organizations operate more efficiently and power more resilient business models.

Customers are leveraging ServiceNow’s breadth of capabilities as a platform for digital business amid unprecedented macroeconomic uncertainty and cyber risk. The Tokyo version’s additional solutions use AI and the highest levels of privacy and platform security controls to boost business intelligence and mitigate risk.

“Operational confidence and efficiency are top of mind for business leaders. Organizations are investing in digital technologies that help them gain efficiencies and reduce costs, while protecting their data in an increasingly complex and sophisticated threat landscape,” said Jon Sigler, Now Platform SVP, ServiceNow.

“With the new AI-powered automation and risk management solutions in the Tokyo release, we’re helping customers build more resilient, secure, and productive business models, all on a single platform, so that they can navigate the uncertainty with confidence.”

Tokyo’s new solutions that build intelligence and confidence in business operations include:

  • Task intelligence for customer service management
  • Automation Center
  • DevOps Setup
  • Operational Resilience Management
  • ITSM Pro+
  • ServiceNow Vault

According to ServiceNow, the Now Platform Tokyo release was designed to help organizations address complex business challenges in an uncertain macro environment.