Legal-Bay Pre Settlement Funding Announces New Cases Dismissed in New York Due to Wrongful Conviction

WHITE PLAINS, NY, February 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Legal-Bay LLC, the pre-settlement finance company, announced its commitment to provide loan funding to victims of wrongful imprisonment and prosecutorial misconduct. Due to an abundance of recently overturned convictions in New YorkLegal-Bay expects to see a slight increase in wrongful committal filings.

In one Bronx Courtroom last week felony charges were dropped for more than 100 defendants whose cases relied on the testimony of a former narcotics detective. The ex-cop’s credibility was called into question when video evidence showed he lied about witnessing numerous drug deals that never happened, leading the authorities to review hundreds of other convictions directly attributed to his testimony. Dozens of these cases have already been thrown into manhattan and brooklyn, leading to several counts of perjury and official misconduct being brought against the discredited detective. A plea of ​​not guilty has been submitted for all charges, and the case is currently awaiting trial at from manhattan Supreme Court.

the Bronx situation is only the latest in a series of similar decisions in New York City showing how rogue cops and a problematic justice system can send innocent people behind bars. Many exonerated victims return to court – as plaintiffs this time – to seek justice for the time they lost behind bars.

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Three New York City detectives have had dozens of their convictions overturned in the past month. The district attorney’s office was successful in having many cases thrown out of the docket, as they relied heavily on false evidence provided by the now ex-detectives, including outright fabricated testimony. All three have since been convicted of multiple crimes of official misconduct, including sexual assault and perjury.

Similarly, the trials of a former brooklyn detective are mentioned. Over the past five years, more than seventy of the detective’s cases from the 80s and 90s have returned to the Brooklyn district attorney’s office. Some of these former detainees have already had their convictions overturned. New York paid more $50 million in settlements to a handful of plaintiffs, alleging wrongful imprisonment due to tainted evidence, misleading testimony, or coerced and/or fabricated confessions. Various subsequent cases involving the ex-cop have since been dismissed or their convictions overturned, with many more pending.

Legal-Bay has extensive experience in dealing with wrongful committal requests. For any victims directly associated with the above cases or similar misconduct lawsuits, Legal-Bay can help plaintiffs who return to the courtroom to seek damages for their unlawful imprisonment get a fresh start.

Chris JanisCEO of Legal-Bay, said: “There seems to be no end to these wrongful incarceration claims over the past few years from New York to California. We have been a leader in wrongful conviction settlement funding for many years. We help clients get back on their feet after enduring long incarcerations, which in some cases helps them buy a home or start a business. Legal-Bay has approved single cases up to $1 million and we offer our best price guarantee for the lowest rates in the financing industry before settlement. »

Many plaintiffs in these cases claim that their wrongful imprisonment was caused by police brutality, false arrest, excessive force, torture and/or coerced confessions. Many of these cases have been high profile cases that have caused lasting physical and psychological harm to victims. The unscrupulous police, the failing prison systems and the cities that hosted them have already been forced to pay countless millions in damages and many other cases have yet to be heard. Legal-Bay has loans for lawsuit programs that are designed to put an applicant’s money in their hands now rather than waiting the many months or years it could take before they see their day. to the court.

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