LastPass becomes passwordless for vault login

LastPass announced that users of its password manager can now log in to their private vault without a master password.

Under the new system, customers will instead authenticate their identity through the LastPass Authenticator app, using biometrics or fingerprint. Physical support security keys will be added later.

According to LastPass, this new feature makes its service the first of its kind to offer passwordless authentication.

Last pass

(Image credit: LastPass)

A future without a password

Passwordless login has a number of advantages, especially in the context of password managers, which house a treasure trove of personal information and account credentials.

The main advantage is that biometrics-based authentication systems are immune to phishing, password stuffing attacks, and security risks created by password reuse (e.g. breaches of given by third parties).

LastPass also predicts that introducing an easier way to login (one that doesn’t involve typing and retyping the same complex password) will encourage more people to adopt password managers in the first place, minimizing thus the risks of account hacking.

Initially, users will still need to set a master password when opening a new LastPass account, but the ultimate goal is to move to a fully password-based system in the future. FIDO standards.

“On the heels of tech giants and identity providers unveiling their plans to enable passwordless on their operating systems, web browsersdevices and applications, LastPass is excited to be the first and only password manager solution that allows users to securely and effortlessly log in, manage their account credentials, and gain access instant access to accounts you use every day – without ever having to enter a password,” said Chris Hoff, director of secure technology at LastPass.

“While wide-scale implementation and adoption of passwordless is the industry’s ultimate goal, it will be years before people discover an end-to-end passwordless login in all apps, but LastPass gets you there sooner.”