Kim Kardashian faces yet another legal case with her neighbor after underground vault dispute

A few months ago, the old keeping up with the Kardashians Star Kim Kardashian has had legal issues with her neighbor in Hidden Hills. The disgruntled individual had decided to file an injunction against their owners’ association in an attempt to prevent Kardashian from building several suspected underground complexes, including a safe, parking lot and wellness center. (She cited potential damage, damage and reduced property value in her case.) Now that same neighbor has yet another bone to choose from with the infamous reality TV star and her estimated property at 60. million dollars – with yet another legal case involved.

This time around, Kim Kardashian’s neighbor – named Sarah Key in legal documents obtained by TMZ – filed an injunction against the Hidden Hills Community Association. Obviously, Key is alleging that a trust that Kardashian belongs to is looking to build a special driveway for easier access to her mansion. She is trying to prevent the homeowners association from approving construction before it has even started, alleging that part of the effort would technically be on her side of the property line.

The old one keeping up with the Kardashians star has not publicly responded to the community affair. However, earlier last month, People reported that a judge rejected the neighbor’s request for an initial emergency order to prevent Kim Kardashian from building that underground vault. Apparently, the court saw “no evidence of urgency or urgency.” Kardashian is allowed to continue construction on these projects for now, at least until an evidentiary hearing in January that will deepen the matter.

Guess Kim Kardashian really can’t have her cake and eat it too without the courts and a homeowner’s association in Los Angeles officially approving it. Amid complaints from neighbors, the future Hulu star is also pursuing her divorce from Kanye West. So far, she has won the Hidden Hills property in the asset division, but the rapper has apparently dragged his feet when it comes to breaking their relationship entirely. In fact, Kardashian has taken a seemingly unprecedented step into the celebrity world by attempting to have her single status separately legalized.

Even billionaires have personal problems! But despite the driveway neighbor’s retrial and Kanye West’s takeover of the surrounding property, Kim Kardashian has other reasons to be happy. Not only did she finally pass the “baby bar” exam in her efforts to become a bona fide lawyer, her love life has improved dramatically since filing for divorce in February.

In order to keep up with these Kardashians, we’ll keep you posted on legal and pedestrian matters as they unfold. Who knows? Maybe these new property papers will become as inexplicable as what Kanye West says about his divorce papers.

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