Jake Mitchell gets 400 free Olympic spots after swimming 3: 45.8 in post-final time trial


University of Michigan Jake mitchell officially registered his name on the US Olympic team for Tokyo with a time of 3: 45.86 in a 400m freestyle time trial on Tuesday night in front of the Omaha crowd cheering him on every leg of the course .

Mitchell swam alone in the pool in front of the remaining crowd on the third night of practice as he exited the race much, much faster, turning three seconds faster than his final swim at 1: 49.86 in the 200, where he was a 1: 52.9. Mitchell was also under world record pace at this point and he continued to ride the 300, returning to 2:47 which was faster than where the original winner Kieran smith was at that point in the race for the 400 finals, and four seconds faster than himself (2: 51.6). Mitchell started to show signs of fatigue, sharing a 29.13 in the seventh 50, as the pace started to catch up with him. But in the 50 final, as the crowd roared, Mitchell touched at 3: 45.86, dividing a 28.84 in the 50 final, to swim under the FINA A Cup and clinch a spot on the Olympic team. American.

It was a shocking development in Sunday night’s men’s 400 freestyle final at the US Olympic Trials in Omaha, where only one swimmer placed under the FINA A Cup of 3: 46.78. Questions began to murmur around the pool deck as to whether the second Jake mitchell from the University of Michigan and the Carmel Swim Club could represent the United States at the Olympics.

Mitchell’s time of 3: 48.0 in the original 400 freestyle final on Sunday was not deemed fast enough to run in Tokyo and a time trial had to be swam where he had to go faster than 3 : 46.78. Top ten swimmers minus the winner Kieran smith, would be eligible for the time trial, but since Mitchell was second he has had the first dibs in the time trial.

“I was obviously quite disappointed (in the 400 final) because all summer I was training to do 3:44 and 3:48 was not what I was hoping for,” Mitchell said immediately after the race.

Jake Mitchell is now ranked 12th in the world among swimmers who have qualified for the Olympics.

With his swim, Jake Mitchell joins his high school teammate Drew kibler as the first two Carmel Swim Club swimmers to be part of an Olympic team. With so much success at the junior level of this program, it’s a bit of a surprise that he hasn’t produced an Olympian yet, but that changed on Tuesday, June 15. Earlier in the evening, Kibler finished third in the 200 freestyle to secure a spot on the team for the 4 × 200 freestyle relay.

The first person to kiss Mitchell in the water was his trainer Carmel chris lead.

“I knew we had a lot of swimmers who had a good chance of making it into this competition,” said Mitchell of Carmel’s second swimmer to make the Olympic team. “I trained with Drew for a few years, so seeing him succeed, I knew I had to do that too.”

“I was under doping control, but I literally ran – I could hear the crowd,” Kibler said at his press conference. “I ran from the crowd to the pool deck… I don’t see anyone who deserves it more. I was so over the moon for him. He’s an amazing trainer and a really, really great guy. He’s just a very, very good friend and a great person, and so it means even more to me to see him succeed in something that means so much to him. He deserves everything and I’m so excited for him.

Jake Mitchell has just completed his freshman year at the University of Michigan where he was the Big Ten champion in the 500 freestyle and finished 28th in the NCAAs in the same event. He is also the national public school record holder in the 500 freestyle.

World Rankings (Tokyo Qualifiers)

  1. Elijah Winnington, Australia, 3: 42.65
  2. Jack McLoughlin, Australia, 3: 43.27
  3. Martin Malyutin, RUS, 3: 44.18
  4. Florian Wellbrock, ALL, 3: 44.35
  5. Felix Auböck, AUT, 3: 44.51
  6. Gabriele Detti, ITA, 3: 44.65
  7. Marco de Tullio, ITA, 3: 44.74
  8. Lukas Martens, ALL, 3: 44.86
  9. Kieran Smith, United States, 3: 44.86
  10. Danas Rapsys, LTU, 3: 45.39
  11. Guilherme Costa, BRA, 3: 45.85
  12. Jake Mitchell, UNITED STATES, 3: 45.86
  13. Kieran Bird, GBR, 3: 46.00
  14. Ayoub Hafnaoui, BARREL, 3: 46.16
  15. Alexander Egorov, RUSSIA, 3: 46.17
  16. Antonio Djakovic, SUI, 3: 46.54


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