How many people are there in the Royal Vault?

The Queen was lowered into the Royal Vault of St George’s Chapel in Windsor yesterday. The incarceration was broadcast for the world to see the Queen placed in the vault with her other family members. But how many people are there in the Royal Vault?

Millions watched as the Queen’s coffin was lowered into the Royal Vault of St George’s Chapel yesterday. 800 more intimate guests attended the ceremony, compared to 2,000 people invited to the funeral earlier in the day. The vault, which is over 200 years old, has seen many members of the royal family rest there.

Who is buried in the Royal Vault?

With the exception of Prince Philip and the Queen, who have been inferred in the King George Memorial Chapel, 24 members of the Royal Family are buried in the Royal Vault.

Last year, the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip, was lowered into the vault during her funeral. However, like the ruler, it was not his final resting place. The Royal Vault was the temporary home for many members of the Royal Family, including Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice. In fact, the most recent burial in the vault was permanent was Princess Augusta, who was buried in the vault in 1930. The princess was the great-granddaughter of George III, who commissioned the construction of the vault. 122 years earlier.

The first to be placed in the vault was Princess Amelia, the daughter of George III, who died in 1810. Since then, the list is as follows:

Princess Augusta (d. 1813), stillborn son of Princess Charlotte (d. 1817), Princess Charlotte (d. 1817), Queen Charlotte (d. 1818), Prince Edward (d. 1820) , King George III (d. 1820), Prince Alfred (placed in the safe 1820), Prince Octavius ​​(placed in the safe 1820), Princess Elizabeth (d. 1821 ), Prince Frederik (died 1827), King George IV (died 1830), stillborn daughter of Prince Ernest August (died 1818), King William IV (died 1837), Princess Sophia ( died in 1840), Queen Adelaide (died in 1849), Prince Frederik (died in 1876), King George V of Hanover (died in 1876). 1878), Victoria von Pawel Rammingen (died 1881), Princess Mary Adelaide (died 1897), Prince Francis (died 1900), Princess Friederika (died 1926), Prince Adolphus (placed in the vault strong in 1930), Princess Augusta (placed in the vault 1930).

Photo by JONATHAN BRADY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

How big is the Royal Vault?

The Express reports that the vault is 70 feet long and 28 meters wide. Lined with stones, the room can hold up to 44 people. 32 coffins are retained in the walls and 12 are retained in the center of the vault.

As for the Queen yesterday, part of the floor of the chapel is removed to allow access to the vault. An electric lift then lowers the coffin underground and down a hallway before being placed in the vault.

The vault is 16 meters below the chapel of Saint-Georges and under the altar of the chapel.

The vault was intended to accommodate both senior and junior royals. With the Queen’s reign being over 70 years, she is undeniably a senior royal. Yet, per her wishes, she was moved to the Memorial Chapel with her family.

Who takes care of the Royal Vault?

The royal family has specially employed guardians who look after the royal vault. They, along with family members, are the only ones allowed to enter the vault. Therefore, little is publicly known about it. St. George’s Chapel is open to the public to attend services and visit, but the Royal Vault is not accessible

The bedroom is a private place of remembrance for the royal family, however, memorial markers are in place in the chapel for the public to pay their respects.

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