How long will his body remain in the royal vault alongside Prince Philip?

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral drew dignitaries, close friends and family members from around the world. Processions through the streets of London and Windsor Castle accompanied the Queen’s coffin ahead of her burial. However, before that, Queen Elizabeth will rest with her husband, Prince Philip, in the royal vault. How long will his body stay there?

Queen Elizabeth II funeral procession | Ben Stansall/ Pool/ AFP/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth was in the same condition as her grandfather, King George V

Despite nearly a century of change since the death of her grandfather, King George V, in 1936, Queen Elizabeth’s ritual of lying has followed the same rules as 86 years ago.

Both the Queen and her grandfather were in state at Westminster Hall. Their coffins rested on a royal purple platform. At one end of the coffin was a brass cross. At the top was draped the royal standard. Tall candlesticks and ceremonial guards flanked the queen’s body.

Before the Queen, five British kings and queens have been in state at Westminster Hall. According to Associated Presshistorians say that maintaining these traditions consistently over time is crucial to preserving respect for the monarchy.

Edward VII established the modern practice of lying in state at Westminster Hall in 1910. It was said to be a move to bring the monarchy to the people, so they could be close to the sovereign to pay their respects.

How long will Queen Elizabeth stay in the royal vault alongside Prince Philip?

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth pictured in 2007.
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth | Tim Graham/Getty Images

After her funeral at Westminster Abbey, a car carrying Queen Elizabeth’s body will drive to Wellington Arch near Hyde Park before being driven to Windsor. The Queen’s coffin will be buried alongside her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. He has been buried in the Royal Vault since his death in April 2021.

The Royal Vault is a burial chamber deep within the altar of St. George’s Chapel within the grounds of Windsor Castle. The vault is about 16 feet below the ground, reported Express.

The chamber has enough space to hold 44 bodies. A removable floor slab in St George’s Chapel allows access and the coffin is lowered. However, the deceased monarch will not remain in the Royal Vault for long.

His coffin will remain there for several hours before being transferred to the King George VI Memorial Chapel. In a private family ceremony later in the evening, the remains of the Queen and Prince Philip will be buried in their final resting place.

Who can attend the Queen’s last offices?

By The New York Times, a burial service will be held at St. George’s Chapel. This service is open to the Queen’s staff, past and present. The Dean of Windsor will lead the service.

The outlet reported that before the final anthem, the crown jeweler will remove the imperial state crown, orb and scepter and place them on the altar. These items had rested on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin since her death. After a hymn and blessing from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Queen’s coffin is lowered into the Royal Vault, followed by a private ceremony for family members.

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