Grouping of loans

The grouping of loans is one of the ideal financial options for all those people who want to save in the monthly payment.

For this reason, from Creditosrapidoseuros we are going to show you what type of loan grouping you can process with our company.

We are going to explain its advantages as well as the way in which you have to take the steps with the financial.

What is the loan pool?

It consists of grouping or joining all the loans that the client has in only one.

That is to say, if the client says that he has 10 credits with different financial entities through the grouping or reunification, the client does it all together.

Through this formula, clients obtain a series of advantages that, on the contrary, they do not see in another series of loans in the market.

Among the advantages that we can point out would be the monthly saving of money being several the reasons that explain this.

Why can clients save with the loan pool?

They usually do so because the credit used to group is usually signed in the long term, in addition to having better conditions than the majority of loans seen.

Consequently cancel a personal loan in the short term for a loan with better conditions and in the long term what will cause is a savings in the monthly payment.

It is not the same to return let’s say 10 000 € in 2 years than to do it for example in 10.

Having a greater number of monthly installments only due to the issue of the term, clients are able to reduce in a very important way the installments to be paid.

Nor can we forget the difference in interest rates.

You have to keep in mind that when you sign a debt reunification or grouping usually what is signed is a mortgage.

Mortgages used in the loan pool?

If we talk about a group, it will always be easier to obtain this financing through companies that make loans between individuals instead of by bank.

By bank it is true that we would get better financial conditions by having cheaper loans but it is also true that it will be much more complicated.

It is something that we can also see in each and every one of the banks that work in Spain.

None is predisposed to cancel the loans of others, which is precisely what we do in the loan pool .

When you group your financial debts, what you are really doing is canceling the other loans you have through new financing.

Only in case you try to do the grouping by the credits that you have with the same entity, a different situation may occur.

In the rest of the situations it will be the private capital financiers where you will have to do the management.

Something also important considering that these financiers allow you to process the loans in less than 48 hours.

Grouping of loans and requirements

The main requirement will be to have a real estate guarantee.

To be able to access one of these quick credits you have to have an endorsement with which to endorse the operation.

This property must be free of charges or practically free.

If you have a small load, you can also look at yourself trying to make a mortgage in the second rank.

Can not group credits without endorsement??

By power you can what happens is that it does not matter what is something very different.