Google’s Project Vault secures your devices with a microSD card

Hackers are getting more brazen and passwords are getting very painful as we continue to sign up for services. Password managers help ease security pain across multiple sites and services, but for the most part our computer lives are open to anyone with even marginal hacking skills. Google believes it can solve this problem with Project Vault, a secure device that connects to any desktop or mobile system that supports microSD. The device runs its own ultra-secure operating system which is partitioned from the rest of the host device with 4 GB of storage for your most sensitive data.

The system runs a custom Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) with a suite of crypto solutions to ensure data security and messaging with top-secret friends or spies who also have Vault. Google wants it to be as user-friendly as possible so that the host does all the work without users having to worry about setting up the device.

The company also introduced a security protocol that determines who you are based on your habits. It takes your input and creates a “trust score” indicating how certain you are the owner of a device.

The card and the system are still “very at the experimental stage” with 500 seeds internally at Google. But, the source code for the system is available so that developers can start delving into it.

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