FundBae updates the app and increases the number of users to 50,000

The Nigerian savings and investment platform, FundBae, has just passed the milestone of 50,000 users.

Fundbae, a digital financial services offering powered by Vale Finance Limited, said in a statement that it has paid N14,000,000 in interest, over N2 billion in trading volume and around 40,000 in number of transactions since its inception.

Part of the statement read, “FundBae has always been focused on user satisfaction, which is reflected in its preference for developing user-centric products. In early 2022, the team got to work; improve service delivery and enrich product functionality to simplify onboarding and accelerate the user journey.

“The solution has been written and the journey to creating one of the most adaptable apps that satisfies the changing lifestyles of our users has begun. After several weeks of hard but rewarding work, the team is thrilled to announce our latest release – FundBae 2.5.

Fundbae CTO Segun Ojo said the new version has a simpler, easier and faster onboarding process.

He said, “This upgraded version is the one I am excited about because of the upgraded features. With our improved UI/UX, customers can enjoy seamless navigation, configure their level of tiering, and more. The feeling is great with this new version because Fundbae solves a real need in the lives of its customers. It’s been quite a journey so far, but we’re excited about what lies ahead. he said.

“This was done to remove the bottlenecks that potential customers face when jumping onto the platform to take advantage of its
incredible benefits. Additionally, customers can now upgrade their level or economy level on the mobile app, giving them the power to do so much more.

“As part of this latest update, referral links are now easier to use for those who want to earn extra money by
refer their friends and family to the app. There is something for every taste !

“Besides the technological side of FundBae, what is more surreal are the lives that this application transforms; empower ordinary individuals to reach their savings goals with a feature like FlexBae, without fear of losing their money like the common kolo stories we’ve heard in

“Furthermore, FundBae has helped people realize their dreams with the strict target savings plan – Vault. This plan has helped students and everyone else to save seamlessly towards their dreams.

“FundBae is also moving with the times and now also offers a US Dollar-denominated savings plan. Don’t worry about losing the value of your hard-earned Naira with the FundBae Dollar Wallet that offers you up to 7% interest per year.