Energy Vault Inc. has signed an agreement to supply its proprietary energy storage technology to DG Fuels, a manufacturer of renewable aviation fuel and diesel fuel.

Westlake Village will provide 1.6 gigawatts of energy storage to support DG Fuels in several projects. The first project will be in Louisiana and will involve 500 megawatt hours of storage. This project is expected to begin construction in the middle of next year.

The initial project will be followed by two more in Ohio and British Columbia, according to a statement from Energy Vault.

The Energy Vault system is made up of blocks in a modular building that are used to store excess solar and wind energy. Using the excess energy, the blocks are raised to the full height of the building and then lowered gently to 2 meters per second, or about 4 to 5 miles per hour. The lowered blocks turn a turbine which creates energy which is fed back into the electrical network.

The systems are automated with advanced computer control and machine vision software that orchestrates charge and discharge cycles while meeting a wide range of storage times ranging from two hours to 12 hours or more, Energy Vault said in its report. communicated.

DG Fuels will deploy Energy Vault’s gravity storage systems to deliver green electricity in conjunction with solar photovoltaic power to meet the demand for green hydrogen production. The renewable energy will be used to power the electrolysis of water for the production of hydrogen and oxygen, the company added in the statement.

Robert Piconi, CEO of Energy Vault, said the company is proud to work with DG Fuels to execute their plans to deliver green fuel to the aviation industry.

“Our energy storage systems are designed to maximize the use of local materials and stimulate local job creation, thus amplifying the sustainability benefits of DG Fuels deployment plans,” Piconi said in a statement.

Currently privately owned, Energy Vault announced in early September a merger with Novus Capital Corp. II to become publicly traded and be listed on the New York Stock Exchange from the first quarter of next year.