Eerie Night security camera video shows the safe open on its own

What could be worse than seeing a thief on your store’s security camera at night? Answer: Watch a huge trunk door open on its own.

If it’s a ghost, it must be the ghost’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. The location apparently had a reputation for supernatural events, which is why they installed a security camera. Here’s what they said about this wild video:

Employees … were surprised to see a door to their building mysteriously shut on its own after installing night vision cameras to capture the alleged hauntings in the building.

The location of the retailer was owned by a bank dating back to 1835, which made it even more shocking to have heavy vault doors that moved by themselves.

Managing Director Jane Buxton said: “After going through these paranormal sightings we feel quite disturbed, but it’s out of our control.

Watch carefully and you will also see a light pass shortly after the door opens. I have watched this slowly a few times and cannot see any associated objects.

Is it a ghost or something much more sinister?

If you ask the question “How much do the safe doors weigh?” I can answer that question. In general, they can weigh from 500 to 1000 pounds. This company’s safe door weighs 800 pounds, which would be a conservative average. I think you can rule out a gust of wind as a possibility.

Let me play the part of the skeptic and say that someone MAY have tied some kind of thin cable to this doorknob and pulled it from behind the wall. I don’t see anything like it, but other than that I’m lost.

What you say? Ghost or funny hoax?

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