East Baton Rouge Parish Secures Funding for Jones Creek Detention Project


BATON ROUGE – According to a press release from the Baton Rouge mayor’s office on Friday, the parish has secured funding for the Jones Creek Detention Project through the Louisiana Watershed Initiative (LWI).

The parish town has committed $ 3.27 million and $ 6 million is granted by the LWI, for a total project cost of $ 9.27 million. The funding will be used to purchase approximately 65 acres of undeveloped land near the former Sherwood Forest golf course, which will be used for stormwater retention and potentially as a park.

Officials say the space will allow about 210,000 cubic meters of storage volume for runoff in an effort to mitigate flood levels across the region. This is expected to help slow the flow of water through the drainage system.

“This project is another example of the aggressive approach my administration is taking to address drainage throughout the parish. We will continue to work with our regional partners to build a stronger and more resilient community, ”said Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome.

Recently, the Louisiana Watershed Initiative approved plans to acquire and own the Bayou Duplantier floodplain ($ 8.5 million) and acquire and hold the Ward Creek floodplain (5, $ 7 million). These three projects are 100% funded by the federal government.

The Louisiana Watershed Initiative (LWI) is a holistic approach to watershed management, which goes beyond conventional mitigation measures and incorporates nature-based solutions.

The program represents a $ 100 million project funding opportunity for eligible local and regional projects that will address immediate flood mitigation needs.

As a high risk area, the parish of East Baton Rouge submitted five proposed projects to the Louisiana Watershed Initiative for financial assistance, three were approved for funding.

Many of these projects encompass areas that were severely affected by the 2016 floods and have benefits for areas beyond this footprint and neighboring parishes.


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