Diablo Immortal will feature directional keyboard controls

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Diablo Immortal launch June 2. While many people knew it was coming to the mobile platform, it was surprising to know that a PC version is also in the works. One of the things players can look forward to is the use of franchise-first WASD directional controls.

Before looking into that, it’s important to first understand why a PC version is coming out in the first place. Initially, the development team was against releasing such a version as it would not do justice to the title as it was originally intended for mobile. But at the same time, the team wanted the game to be accessible to as many players as possible.

They also thought that some might just opt ​​for emulators on PC to play the mobile title. With these factors, they finally decided to create a PC version for a better experience.

Familiar tools

To continue to offer the Diablo experience, the team made sure to translate finger tap and swipe commands for mobile to keyboard and mouse. As in previous games, players use the left click to move their character. Players can attack monsters while pressing keys to perform abilities and drink potions.

Directional controls

The new feature that some players are sure to try is WASD directional controls as an additional movement tool. The team revealed that using these controls is intuitive compared to just left-clicking to move and attack.

Additionally, these should also allow players to move around while attacking at the same time, which is pretty exciting.

Controller support

Ever since the game launched on mobile and PC, console players have been at a slight disadvantage. However, this version offers controller support for PC. It will mimic the mobile version, with detection being a seamless experience. Console gamers should be happy to know that the controls are remappable to suit their style of play.

Menu interfaces

Since the game is planned to offer cross-play, it is important to ensure that the interfaces remain intact on mobile and PC. Although there are differences, players can expect to see hotkeys for all major functions.

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