DayZ patch adds new weapons, tweaks controls, and kicks off “Walpurgis Night” event

The zombie franchise was once considered all but forgotten, but the overall success of Dying Light 2 seems to keep him alive. On top of that, Bohemia Interactive DayZ still going strong enough. It emphasizes coping with a brutal environment with scarce resources and is one of the greatest survival game maps, which only seems to increase the difficulty even more. Along with this, the studio continues to produce new updates, and this latest not only adds new stuff but also kicks off some festivities.


According to a recent article on the DayZ website, patch 1.17 has started rolling out to all platforms and features a number of changes as well as the addition of new weapons. Key to the update is the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the controls, which includes steering, movement, and aiming. There’s also the implementation of an “alternate control scheme”, which allows players to adjust controls but without “affecting the existing scheme” in any significant way. This could be changed further based on user feedback.

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Patch 1.17 also comes with some new stuff DayZ weapons. The guns have been expanded and now include the CR-550 Savanna, which is a powerful bolt-action rifle, .308 Longhorn pistol, and 9mm P1. However, one of the coolest things about this update is that it starts the “Walpurgis Night” event, which runs by May 9. It is based on a true Christian celebration designed to ward off witches and often features bonfires. Along with the event, the update brings the return of burning stakes, a cauldron, a witch hat, and other witch-based accessories.

With the deployment of patch 1.16 for DayZ in February, it’s clear that Bohemia is looking to push things forward in its challenging open-world title. Many people who have played the game know the harsh reality of trying to survive each day, scraping all available resources without succumbing to all sorts of ailments, be it zombie bites, broken legs, or even of dysentery by drinking dirty water.

DayZ is also one of the best open-world survival games available, stacking alongside No Man’s Sky, The forestand even Minecraft. The zombie theme may be a bit dying these days, but what is DayZ does better than others is to implement the undead as an additional threat to the player rather than the whole objective, emphasizing general survivability over zombie attacks.

DayZ is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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