City of Springfield Seeks Application Authorization to End Youth Homelessness

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The Springfield City Council will meet on Tuesday and vote on whether to approve a grant application to end youth homelessness.

Senior Planner Bob Atchley is seeking permission from City Council to apply for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program grant. If awarded, the minimum the city would receive is $1 million.

“That would be potentially huge for youth homelessness in our community,” Atchley said. “This will literally allow us to come up with a plan to hopefully end youth homelessness in our community.”

Municipalities from all over the country can apply for this grant, which makes it very competitive. Last year, the city just missed the threshold to receive funding. The city is working with the Community Partnership of the Ozarks throughout the application process.

“If we are selected for funding, the Department of Housing and Urban Development will provide a technical assistance provider,” Atchley said. “This provider will help us develop a plan to eliminate or end youth homelessness in our community.

Once a municipality has received a grant, that city is no longer eligible to apply. This is the 6th year that the Department of Housing Development has issued funds.

“If we are one of the lucky communities that were chosen for funding, we will also receive additional funding each year,” Atchley said. “We will actually receive a greater level of Continuum of Care grant funding each year. It would be something that we would have the ability to create a series of projects, but they would also provide funding for us to support those projects.

Atchley is only requesting permission to apply for this grant. If the grant is awarded to the city, the council will need to accept the funds before developing a plan.

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