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Unlike the Wii that preceded it, motion controls have taken a step back when it comes to the Light switch. But while much of its library relies on more traditional controls, the Joy-Cons offer some of the best gyro controls in gaming. Ironically, these fancy gyro controls are still vastly underutilized compared to more rudimentary technology. integrated into the Wiimote.

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But whether subtle or more substantial, there are plenty of games for Nintendo Switch that have implemented gyroscope support in creative and often tasteful ways.

8 CPR Simulator Surgeon

Surgeon Simulator holding device with bandaged man on TV

Bossa Studios’ simulation game resurrects the supposed dormant notion that a third-party title might be most appealing on Nintendo machines. Hailing from a 2013 release on Steam, this obscure game has been given new life on Big N’s hybrid console with nuanced motion controls and intuitive local co-op.

Dynamic but clunky motion input only adds to the yuck of this over-the-top game, which has amateur “surgeons” fumbling with organs in bloody, open bodies in first-person perspective. This gruesome sim is packed with quirks, not the least of which is the fact that bloody indie can latch onto some of the Switch’s best efforts, at least when it comes to gyroscopic controls.


7 Splaton 2

Splatoon 2 Battle Bridge shoots with colliding green and pink ink

Shooting games often demand a level of precision that isn’t easy to capture with gyroscopic controls. Still, Nintendo manages to pull it off with this chaotic multiplayer game. This strong follow-up from 2015 Splatoon shines with even more polished and addictive game modes and vibrant ink madness.

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The movement is superb, partly thanks to the game’s complementary goal of making a mess, but also because of its smooth and solid mechanics. Sure, the game wisely allows for traditional aiming, but Splaton 2 puts gyroscope users on a par with those who use joysticks. The great use of gyro aiming further adds to the accessibility and joy of this exciting squid shooter.

6 Eternal destiny

Eternal Doom Baron of Hell

Remove a page from Splatoon playbook, id Software and Bethesda take a “best of both worlds” approach to the player interface, using traditional control and gyroscope options to their advantage.

With this sequel to the 2016 hit, Eternal destiny delivers the usual adrenaline-pumping madness gamers have come to expect from this classic FPS series, which translates surprisingly well to Switch’s more limited hardware. But on top of that, this fully loaded package allows gamers to use subtle yet effective movements with the Joy-Cons, Pro Controller, and by tilting the console itself. These can all be fine-tuned to best suit the player.

5 Switch 1-2

1 2 Switch Ball Rolling game demo

Although it may lack the impact and appeal of Sports Wii, this similar showcase for Nintendo’s newest console shines when it comes to cheeky, super-detailed motion controls. Working in tandem with the equally refined HD Rumble, Switch 1-2 looks more like a simulation (albeit weird) than a game, despite its basic aesthetic.

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With the use of creative and fun entrances, the colorful mini-games simultaneously impress and tickle those who stumble through them. Whether it’s shaving, smashing a safe, or even nibbling a virtual sandwich with your mouth, this board game offers loads of fun and a level of gyroscopic precision rarely seen.

4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

mario kart 8 deluxe bowser toad toad battle

Nintendo seemed determined to woo even the original Mario Kart 8 veterans to invest in this enhanced remaster, which brings sleeker visuals, DLC content, and an improved battle mode. Moreover, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe offers some of the tightest, most even gyro controls in the franchise. Even without a wheel accessory, using the Joy-Cons to turn feels natural and fluid.

Typically more spirited young gamers should have no problem hanging out with seasoned gamers in this family-friendly Switch game when using the move. Purists will be happy to hear that these controls can be disabled, but given the added immersion, many will struggle to do so.

3 Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party Bike Minigame for 4 Players

Players can look forward to celebrating the classic Mario Party at the Superstars, but some seem to have forgotten the charming experience of early ’17 Switch. With vibrant visuals, revamped gameplay, and fun new co-op features, this game stands out amidst a crowded pool of deputy predecessors.

The special one Super Mario Party adds inventive and nuanced motion control as well as improved Rumble, making these features from previous entries seem like child’s play. Examples include a laugh-out-loud tricycle race and intense steak cooking.

2 Arm

ARMS Switch Punch

While often seen as more of a showcase of Switch’s movement prowess, this colorful 2017 fighter is a knockout in its own right. Arm embodies retro arcade-style action with intense boxing matchups and board game elements.

At the same time, it’s an impressive showcase of modern motion controls, which allow players to use two separate Joy-Cons to smack their opponents in real time. A host of unique fighters, each with their own unique moves and mechanics, further add to the chaos of this 3D fighter.

1 Ring shaped adventure

Ring Fit Adventure Jogging Stadium with Rings

Like its spiritual predecessor on Wii, this groundbreaking fitness game shocked gamers and non-gamers alike, proving that working out could be fun. Unlike 2007 WiFiyet, Ring shaped adventure fleshes out the fitness base with rewarding RPG gameplay that actually has some substance.

Not only that, but the game demands effort and precision with its durable Ring-Con and Leg Strap, which measures moves up to a T. The game is able to take shape in its repetitions of squat, or the pace at which the player is running. These tandem peripherals allow players to really sweat and bring a surprising sense of immersion, despite the contrast of the colorful fantasy world players will be traversing.

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