Binance obtains a license to operate in Cyprus, will be listed on the largest exchange?

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Binance, the world’s leading exchange ranked by volume, has just once again expanded its user base and global influence. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has granted Binance a class three registration for crypto asset services.

Binance can now provide cash, custody, staking, and card services in Cyprus in full compliance with the CySEX regulatory framework. Cyprus joins countries like Italy, Spain, and France in allowing Binance to operate within its borders.

Binance’s Global Reach Expands

Binance offers its service internationally, and investors can already access this exchange in more than 140 countries. The expansion to Cyprus means that residents of Cyprus will be able to choose between two top exchanges. In March, one of Binance’s main rivals, FTX, moved to Cyprus.

As inflation hits 9% and the economy slows down in Cyprus, many Cypriots will welcome increased accessibility to digital assets.

Swirling Rumors That Will List Soon

Binance’s listing requirements have always been vague, and many believe this is intentional. However, an observable trend within the tokens listed on Binance is the integration of BNB & BUSD into the ecosystem and the fundraising phase., a new value-backed asset continues to receive significant community engagement, and many believe it will be listed on Binance due to the buzz generated. Uniglo offers a viable long-term store of value for investors through exposure to a unique mix of assets.

The protocol funds asset acquisitions through taxes and uses this revenue stream to create value for investors. Assets acquired include digital and high-end physical assets tokenized in NFT format. These assets support the value of the native token and give it an intrinsic price floor.

Another portion of this tax revenue is used to burn the native token to reduce total supply and introduce scarcity. This methodology allows for a steady appreciation in token value, and tokens with a long-term horizon naturally appeal more to Binance.

Final Thoughts

A listing on Binance essentially boils down to two things. Will the token work well? Does the token add buying pressure on BNB and BUSD? The latter is accounted for with Uniglo presale accepting both BNB and BUSD. Uniglo also has a multi-signature protected vault on the Binance Smart Chain, contributing to the value of the ecosystem.

As for its expected performance, by offering a store of value over long periods of time that not only retains investors’ real purchasing power, but also grows it, Uniglo has carved out a perfect niche for itself. And quietly, many already believe that the registration process has begun.

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