Asmongold sends Blizzard an application for World of Warcraft Community Council filled with rants

Asmongold’s continued beef with World of Warcraft developers at Blizzard continued.

The popular World of Warcraft streamer took a break to mourn the death of his mother, but has since returned as critical of Blizzard as ever. While not ready to return to full-time streaming, Asmongold decided to post a video on YouTube discussing Blizzard’s decision to decline his candidacy for the WoW Community Council.

Asmongold rejected by Blizzard for WoW Community Council

Blizzard recently announced a World of Warcraft Community Council as a way to communicate more effectively with players. The goal of the council was to get more feedback from players around the world.

Asmongold decided to address the board, which he called “the least inclusive thing at Blizzard.” The streamer wasn’t originally going to apply, but changed his mind when he killed the vault boss of Torghast Adamant and got double golden shoulder transmogrifts.

“Of the three pairs of golden shoulder transmog that are supposed to drop, I have a duplicate of the one I already have. What kind of shit trash is this? One percent chance it could repeat itself. “Why do I have an item already on the loot table? I’m not having fun,” Asmongold wrote.

He went on to say that the completionist content of the latest expansions has “gone into a mess” and that Asmongold wants to join the board to explain why he thinks this is important and to express why the people he speaks with have “an interest in it.” decreased to achieve these goals. ”

“Overall, the content of the completion is boring, unsatisfactory and bad,” Asmongold wrote.

Asmongold then joked that his candidacy was “so good” that it was passed on to Blizzard executives. But for now, it looks like Blizzard has ghosted Asmongold after receiving his stern candidacy. The outspoken streamer is unlikely to join the World of Warcraft Community Council anytime soon.