Application Engineer III – Identity and Access Management


What kinds of things has Vanguard done for employees to ease the transition to working from home?

At the start of the pandemic, Vanguard went to great lengths to make employees feel comfortable working from home. He sent new office chairs and office supplies to any employee who needed them, and offered a child assistance policy (a 6-8 week plan at 50% of pay) and sick leave. extended to help employees adjust to their new work-life balance. In addition, they paid performance bonuses two months earlier this year.

When we return to work, or what we call ‘the next normal’, the plan is to provide support to employees in a variety of ways: how to increase your impact, be an inclusive team member, work smarter, and optimize your experience. of work. It will also offer support groups for emotional, physical and financial well-being, in addition to already existing personal and professional activities. specialized programs such as Vanguard’s Technology Leadership Program for graduates who wish to develop their technical expertise and resources for continuing education and student debt reduction.

How has COVID-19 affected hiring?

The biggest question we face with remote tech candidates is whether they will have to move when everyone eventually returns to the office. Many hope to work from where they are forever. Because our technical teams work a lot together in the lab, once we get back we will need everyone to work from our office in Malvern, PA.

As far as the hiring process goes, everything has gone virtual, so it’s much faster than our previous process of scheduling and sending people for interviews. No matter how we proceed, our goal is always to fill a position within 55 days from start to finish.

What qualities do you look for in candidates for technology jobs?

We are looking for innovative, solution-oriented developers who understand the limits of the latest technology and are able to come up with ideas and products that have not yet been created. On the other side of the coin, we want these same people to have good business acumen, project management skills and the ability to build relationships with stakeholders.

So it’s a bit of both worlds. You must be able to write code and then have the soft skills to explain your work to stakeholders with a range of technical understanding.

What’s the pace at Vanguard?

Vanguard’s technical team works in an agile working environment, so they work quickly and intelligently. Over the past two years, Vanguard has built a robust continuous delivery system where people can get new production feature updates in under 15 minutes to start testing in live product environments, where in years past, it took months to put something into production. .


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