Anvil: Vault Breakers: Best Breaker Characters

Anvil: Vault Breakers places you as a seasoned character who dons a battle suit known as the Breaker. Each Breaker is unique in their abilities, skills, powers, appearance, and weapons. Depending on your playstyle, you can find a Breaker to suit your needs, from close and personal melee brawlers to long-range gun specialists. There will definitely be one Breaker that you will enjoy playing as, however, not all of them are available from the start.

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Anvil: Vault Breakers also offers a few Breakers to start with, as well as a star or two to try out before buying with in-game currency. You really can’t go wrong with any of the Breakers as they are all powerful apart. whole, although with their own specializations. Here are the best Breakers currently in the game that you should focus on.

6 Uzi – Fast and Deadly

uzi breaker character in anvil vault breakers

Uzi is easily one of the most powerful Breakers in the game, mostly due to his agility and power. Uzi, as the name suggests, is equipped with two handguns that act like SMGs. These fast, deadly guns can rain down a hail of flaming bullets without blinking.

Uzi, aside from looking pretty cool, has some extremely useful abilities including frozen shock, phoenix wings, umbrella, and rapid teleportation. The best of those skills has to be Phoenix Wings, a move that guides Uzi forward with a relentless stream of bullets while being temporarily invulnerable.


5 Elsa – A Deadly Specialist

elsa breaker character in anvil vault breakers

Elsa is quite similar to Uzi in that she wields dual handguns and is a quick breaker overall, however, her abilities differ a bit, aside from her teleportation skill. Both of her handguns fire slower shots which end up dealing more damage, especially if she can find the hitchhiking handguns.

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Elsa’s best ability is her ultra-powerful ultra-beam. This ultrabeam is essentially a massive energy sword that can slide left and right to take out groups of aliens. While ultrabeam is set on a cooldown, the ability itself lasts for a good few seconds, making it one of the best in the entire game. Plus, it can be upgraded to make it more deadly in the game. together.

4 Jungler – The All-Purpose Breaker

jungler breaker character in anvil vault breakers

Jungler is your well-balanced traditional Breaker and is probably the easiest to start with. His weapon of choice is a standard rifle which deals good damage, high accuracy, and a decent sized clip. Jungler consists of standing in front of swarms of aliens in order to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

What makes Jungler particularly appealing is his mix of explosive abilities and melee skills. For example, he’s got a Missile Ordinance that can devastate a group of enemies from a distance, but he’s also able to get close to his opponents with a pistol attack that knocks back and damages enemies.

3 Guillotine – In your face

guillotine breaker character in anvil vault breakers

Guillotine, as you can imagine, is a powerful executioner who is not afraid to step directly into the face of the enemy to chop them until they are defeated. This Breaker Brute is a real force to be reckoned with mainly thanks to his gargantuan ax and wide swing radius. The aliens won’t know what hit them when Guillotine walks their way.

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For such a tall character, Guillotine is surprisingly agile, at least when it comes to his executioner ability which allows him to soar through the air only to then crash down with fierce ferocity. Plus, he can even drop from the sky with a bunch of large axes for a fantastic area-of-effect attack.

2 Lightning – Bring the power

lightning breaker character in anvil vault breakers

Lightning is basically what you would get if you imbued armor with magical properties. As the name suggests, Lightning is an electricity specialist with his abilities to put this power to good use. Shockwave is able to repel a multitude of aliens while damaging them, and homing lasers are then used to specifically target them with electric attacks.

The combination of Lightning’s other abilities, Lightning Dash and Quick Swipe, can be the difference between survival and death. Lightning is an excellent mid-range breaker, able to take out aliens with his powerful missile cannon, but can also come close to deal electrical damage.

1 Liner – Every shot counts

liner breaker character in anvil vault breakers

Liner may look like one of the most basic Breakers, however, it is anything but. This Breaker is armed with a Universal Rifle that can deal heavy damage at any distance. He is a Breaker who excels in precision, whether with his weapon fire or with his abilities.

The liner is great for flanking, trapping, and eliminating in quick succession. Electric traps can stun enemies while the missile launcher can take them out quickly. In addition, if you need to get out of danger quickly, you only need to charge once or twice to get a better position advantage in combination with the acceleration module.

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