Anonomatic PII Vault is now available on Auth0 Marketplace

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Anonomatic, the PII Vault™ company, today announced the availability of PII Vault™ on Auth0 Marketplace, a catalog of trusted technology integrations to extend the functionality of Auth0 identity management platform. The PII Vault™ integration makes it easier for global organizations to meet their data privacy obligations and protect their users’ private data.

Auth0 customers can use the PII Vault™ integration to store user profiles and other personally identifiable information (“PII”) in a specialized PII database separate from other data. Combined with Auth0’s secure-by-design client identity platform, data separation further reduces the risk of data exposure. Additionally, PII Vault™ allows Auth0 customers to have their own databases, completely PII-free and without loss of functionality. With Anonomatic’s Intelligent Anonymous Data capability, customers can use anonymous data as if it were always identified, but with reduced risk of personal information loss or exposure.

PII Vault™ makes it easy to solve data privacy compliance issues for highly regulated industries such as finance, medical, healthcare, education, and data-driven businesses. Built to scale, the PII Vault™ is a containerized solution that can be deployed anywhere, delivers capabilities beyond today’s encryption and tokenization technologies, and helps derive key business value from data. restricted and protected.

“We are delighted to partner with Auth0 as their expertise in identity management and protection is complementary to our PII protection and management capabilities,” said Matt Fleck, CEO of Anonomatic. “Just as Auth0 customers made the decision to use Auth0 to simplify the development and support of their own solutions, integration with PII Vault™ helps customers comply with complex and changing data privacy obligations. Since PIIs are typically a small percentage of the data a system manages, but which can incur significant costs over the lifetime of a system, using PII Vault™ can immediately provide a huge return. on investment.”

“The addition of Anonomatic PII Vault™ to Auth0 Marketplace expands our platform and provides customers with even more extensibility and flexibility when building the identity platform of their dreams,” Cassio said. Sampaio, SVP of Product at Auth0, a product unit within Okta. . “We have identified the integrations that matter to our customers and are excited to have Anonomatic as a valued cutting-edge technology in the ever-growing Auth0 market.”

About Anonomatic

Anonomatic’s mission is to make data privacy secure, simple and profitable. He developed the PII Vault to allow anyone who manages sensitive data to use, process and share it securely, maximizing its value, all without risking exposing PII while respecting confidentiality obligations. Datas.

Media Contact: Shannon McGinley | [email protected]

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Decouple Auth0 and your application. Without PII Vault, PII is in both systems. With PII Vault, no PII is in both systems.

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